Marrs Plectrum

Thursday 3 November 2016

The withering of the diggers thumb...

You know why humans developed thumbs? After decades of digging record bins Mother Nature stepped up to the plate and delivered. There's now some concern amongst the vinyl community that these opposable digits are starting to wither. Many shops are sharing crate contents online in photo form, negating the need to physically enter the domain of a real world bricks and mortar record shop and dig. A number of hipsters have already reported the loss of thumb rings following mass loss to their thumbs.

Here's some example photo's of contents recently added to our crates...

Continued viewing of images like these has been proven (and by proven I actually mean falsely implied) to cause withering of the diggers thumb.

The only real solution is to get yourself down to Marrs Plectrum Records and have a good dig. We've 1,000's of records here. Good for the heart and soul. And thumbs. And ears.

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