Marrs Plectrum

Sunday 31 August 2014

We're going bricks and mortar...

Exciting times at Plectrum HQ. We’ve got ourselves a new location. Early days and a lot of work to do but we couldn’t more excited. They say that location is everything and we’ve got that nailed - still close enough for Mrs Plectrum to make the tea!

Our new home is solid, double glazed and damp proofed. A couple years ago we insulated the ceiling, now we’re about to get moving and get the walls insulated and plaster boarded. We’ve done a ton of research and had some professional advice. The room will have a damp monitor, dehumidifier and thermostated heating to keep the records in tip top condition. Most importantly, it’ll have several thousand choice cuts in delicious vinyl.

Once up and running we’ll finally be in a position to allow our customers to come and have a browse and dig themselves. We might even offer coffee and biscuits. They’ll be a little headphone setup too so you can give your picks a spin.

We’re hoping that this development will finally allow us to take part in Record Store Day 2015. It’s such a crying shame that Peterborough has missed out on these events. With your support and crossed fingers perhaps we can put this right…

I’ll keep you posted through the blog and put a few pictures up as progress is made.

Cheers, Matt.

Compact and bijou but to be filled with vinyl treasure...
 Just a shell right now...
 Hector, the HQ hound, in a her vinyl black coat comes to say hello...

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