Marrs Plectrum

Thursday 11 September 2014

Work continues on Marrs Plectrum HQ...

The stud frames are up and insulation is 90% complete. Yesterday we picked up the plasterboard sheets ready for installing over the weekend. These were 20mm wider than our car boot which kind of sums up my experiences with DIY!  We packed them in at an angle which drew warnings and horror stories from a couple of B&Q customers. They clearly underestimated my silky smooth driving skills... all safely arrived intact.

Here we see Charlie modelling an insulated wall. He's the skill and knowledge behind the conversion, currently learning construction at college. I'm the wallet. If I was paying him, wages would have been docked for the dinged insulation sheet (now repaired).

 The counter will be placed below the window, together with the VPI Record Cleaner. Excellent light for grading.
Electrics have been installed.

In an ideal world, with the wind behind us, plasterboard will be up and painting started over the weekend. Every step closer is nagged by a single thought.... I'm going to have to move several thousand records, in the right order, into the completed shop. Brace yourself, mind and body. 

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