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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Post Punk/New Wave Goodness on Instagram

It's not been a good week at the Plectrum HQ. All the little Plectrums, together with Mr and Mrs Plectrum, have had this awful winter virus. It was Middle Plectrums turn to be struck down today and have a day off school. To keep the wheels turning at HQ, whilst soothing his aching brow, I uploaded a heap of images onto Instagram from the comfort of the sofa/duvet combo. Take a peep at...

This part of a fantastic collection of Post Punk/New Wave records we picked up from a friend last week. Details can be found on the website...

Saturday 7 December 2013

Timing is everything...

... So what kind of fool would setup new distribution contracts in December? Yeah, this kind of fool right here...

We're now up and running with three independent distributors. These can supply us a huge range of the latest releases and back-catalogue items. Keep an eye open for the new Goldfrapp, Blood Oranges, Queens of the Stoneage and Franz Ferdinand LP's,  those Boards of Canada re-issues and a few others next week.

Exciting times available in both 33 and 45rpm.

... and so the circle is complete.

... and so the circle is complete. We had an order this week from one of our favourite records shops in London, Rough Trade East. Other record shops buying from us? Oh the irony. I felt a twinge of pride that in some small way we're mixing with the big boys. Then the realisation that we price too low and Rough Trade will add a 60% mark up...

Sunday 10 November 2013

Side One, Track One...

Welcome to the first blog entry from Marrs Plectrum Records.

We'll be using this for news, reviews, rants, pearls of wisdom and nuggets of nonsense...

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